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The most advanced go karting centre ever is coming to Melbourne


The most advanced go karting centre ever is coming to Melbourne

Now under construction – Opening mid 2020

Drive Go Karting is where Champions are made.

We’re not just a new go karting centre, we’re a new karting experience. We offer world-first Championships where you can race 12 races on a different track every race, and battle to earn the title of Melbourne’s best driver!

Thanks to us, you can now be a racing driver racing in a real Championship, starting from under $400 for the whole 12 race Championship! *Limited time offer.

Wait, how does that work?

We offer 24 Tracks, 12 are ‘Grand Prix’ tracks approx 1km long and 12 are ‘Sprint’ tracks about 500m long. Our 24 different tracks are on a constant rotation, with 3 different tracks available every week!

go karting melbourneThis means we can offer unique world-first 12 round Championships, where you can finally be a real racing driver, at a price you CAN afford!

We can have up to 32 Go Karts racing at once for intense battle packs! No other public karting centre can offer such close racing between so many racers.

Our electric karts are powered by the latest state-of-the-art lithium batteries. Massive torque, breathtaking top speed, no performance disparity between karts, and long lasting Lithium Battery Power for 45 minute+ races on a single charge.

And we offer world leading safety. Our combination of physical and digital safety systems is unmatched anywhere in the world.

And to top it off, your friends and family will WANT to watch you race, thanks to our:

Full cocktail bar

Barista made coffee

Gourmet pizza cafe

100sqm+ family friendly arcade zone

Track viewing lounge – Your friends and family will feel like the VIPs they are!

Championship Presales now open!

Ever wanted to be a REAL racing driver? Ever wanted to lift that trophy on the top step of the podium? To be the reigning champion?

Of course you have, and now you can!

At Drive Go Karting we offer real CHAMPIONSHIP racing, with 12 races per Championship, raced on 12 different tracks, over your choice of 12 Months or 12 Weeks!

Step 1

Simply choose between our Sprint series which is raced on our 12 short tracks with no more than 16 karts at a time, or our Grand Prix series which is raced on our 12 long tracks up to 1km long, with up to 32 karts at a time!

Step 2

And then pick the race duration! Do you want short intense races? Or longer battles of endurance and strategy?

Buy your preferred Championship now in our Pre-Launch Sale to enjoy never-to-be-repeated discounts of up to 40%!

Championship credits are FULLY TRANSFERRABLE so they’re perfect to buy as a gift for others, or for others to buy as a gift for you, and if you’re keen to race against your mates you can! We’ll be contacting you to ask about groups at a later date, and we’ll prioritise groups when the schedule is released to ensure you’ll be competing against your mates in the same championship!

If you have multiple Championships you can use them separately or combine them to gain entry into bigger championships, or you can even cash them in for credit towards a party, food, or merchandise! And they’re valid for 2 full years after we open, so you’ll have PLENTY of time to use them up if you buy a few.

This Pre-Launch Sale is strictly limited and these discounts will never EVER be repeated, so jump in, grab one (or a few) for yourself, then tell everyone which championship(s) you want for Christmas!

We’ll see you out on track after we open, and you’ll finally have your chance to prove that you’re a Champion!

Choose your championship:

Sprint 15

$588.00 $397.00

12 Races on 12 different tracks!
3 hours of track time!
Intense races with up to 16 karts on our Sprint Tracks!
Monthly or Weekly, Friday or Sunday (you choose)
5 min Qually, 10 Min Race

Sprint 30

$948.00  $597.00

12 Races on 12 different tracks!
6 hours of track time!
Intense races with up to 16 karts on our Sprint Tracks!
Monthly or Weekly, Friday or Sunday (you choose)
10 min Qually, 20 Min Race

Grand Prix 40

$1,188.00  $748.00

12 Races on 12 different tracks!
8 hours of track time!
Epic races with up to 32 karts on our 1km GP Tracks!
Monthly or Weekly, Monday – Thursday (you choose)
10 min Qually, 30 Min Race

Grand Prix 60

$1,620.00  $996.00

12 Races on 12 different tracks!
12 hours of track time!
Epic races with up to 32 karts on our 1km GP Tracks!
Monthly or Weekly, Monday – Thursday (you choose)
20 min Qually, 40 Min Race*


When are the Championships held?

Every Championship is scheduled at a set time every week or every month, depending on whether it’s a weekly or monthly championship. For example, a weekly championship may be scheduled for 7pm every Tuesday night for the 12 weeks that it runs, whilst a monthly championship might be scheduled for 6:30pm on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, for the whole year.


The Race Schedule will be released closer to our launch date in mid 2020, but rest assured there will be PLENTY of opportunity to race at a time / day that suits you. There will be multiple examples of each championship running at any give time, scheduled at very different times of the day / week.


The only thing to keep in mind is that Grand Prix Championships will ALWAYS be run from a Mon-Thu (because that’s when our Grand Prix tracks are available) and our Sprint Championships are ALWAYS on a Friday or Sunday.

What if I want to race against my mates?

Yes! You can race against your mates in the same championship! Before we release the schedule we’ll be in touch to ask you about groups! You and your mates simply need to tell us that you’re in a group, and then we’ll give you priority for your preferred time slot (larger groups get higher priority) to ensure you can race against your mates! Only once all groups have their preferred time-slot (assuming no larger group already filled it up first) will we then open the schedule up for individuals to fill the remaining spaces.

What happens if (when?) I win a Championship?

After the 12 races all the Championship Points will be tallied up and our winner will be crowned the reigning Champion. We’ll have a podium ceremony, give you a nice shiny trophy, have a big party, and give you a hefty discount if you want to come back and race the same Championship again to defend your crown!


There will also be a Champion’s League, where you can go wheel to wheel with all the OTHER Champion’s from all the other Championships and fight to be crowned the greatest driver in all of Melbourne (See the ‘What is the Champion’s League’ FAQ for more info).

What is the Champion’s League?

The Champion’s league is an invitation-only league, where to get an invitation you must first perform well in one of our open-entry championships. This is where the TRUE racers will go to prove their skill. There will be only one Champion’s League every year, starting with a large pool of drivers who have proven themselves in the previous year’s championships. Through a series of knockout rounds held over a few months we will whittle down the field of pretenders to just 32 drivers who have true Grand-Champion potential. Then at a final race meeting we will hold a final series of races. First with 32 drivers, where the final 16 are eliminated. Then a race of 16 where the final 8 are eliminated…


And finally a race of 8. The 8 greatest, best, most talented and most consistent drivers in all of Melbourne. 8 will start, but only 1 can finish first and claim the title of the Drive Go Karting Grand Champion, the best driver in Melbourne.

What is this ‘Monthly vs Weekly’ Championship option?

Championships are all pre-scheduled, you come at the scheduled time to race in your Championship. This schedule is either made up of either monthly or weekly races, your choice. Championships with weekly races run for 12 weeks and will run multiple times every year, championships with monthly races run for 12 months.


For example you may choose a Championship where your races are scheduled for 8pm Thursday evening every week, or you may choose one where your races are scheduled for 11am on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Our schedule will offer a huge range of options for every championship type, and which one you choose is purely up to you!

What if I miss a race?

See the ‘How do Championship Points work?’ FAQ for more information, but the short answer is that you can miss up to 2 races every championship without necessarily hurting your chances of winning… you’ll just have to make sure you do really well in the remaining 10 rounds. The system is a ‘Best 10 rounds out of 12’ points system, so if you score 0 points (by not showing up, for example) then that can become 1 of the 2 rounds that you can ‘drop’ for the sake of the final Championship point score.

How do the Points work?

The Drive Go Karting Championship Points system will be modelled off a modified version of the Formula 1 system. It will be a ‘best 10 out of 12 rounds’ system, where you will drop your two lowest scores. This allows you to be away for up to 2 races and not necessarily have hurt your chances of winning the Championship.


Note that not all places will score points, it’s likely that the last 4-6 places will all score 0 points (subject to change as we conduct more modelling) and the points won for finishing in a given place will increase as you move up the order, increasing faster as you get closer to 1st place.


The final points system is still being modelled and we are striving for the best combination of offering a strong incentive to try and finish higher, whilst also minimizing the risk that people might go for an entire Championship without winning any points at all.

When will you be open?

At the moment we’re working through VCAT and it’s hard to predict how long that will take. Our best guess is towards the end of 2020, early 2021, but we’ll keep you updated as we progress. If things DON’T go well with VCAT then we’ll be offering a full refund to everyone who has purchased a Championship as part of our Pre-Sale.

When will I be able to use these Championship Credits?

First we need to open, which will be in Mid 2020, then we need to start our first cycle of Championships. If you’re happy to race in a Weekly Championship then you’ll get your chance before the end of 2020! We’ll be sure to schedule at least 1 round of weekly championships, and if we are open before July then we’ll squeeze in 2 full weekly championships in 2020!


To race in our Monthly Championships you’ll be holding off till 2021 so we can start our new Calendar of Monthly races! But we promise it will be worth the wait, and these discounts will NEVER be repeated.

How do I give a Championship to someone?

To give a Championship as a gift, simply print out the certificate that will be emailed to you after you purchase your Championship, wrap it nicely, and get ready for a big thankyou hug! The most important thing is that you don’t share the Credit Number with anyone! The Credit Number is what the lucky recipient of your gift will use to claim their credit with us and get it transferred to their name, so tell them to keep it secret… keep it safe…

When will my Merch be delivered?

Ok cool, so you saw the offer of our super-cool merch pack and thought ‘yeah, I like that’. Congratulations! Santa’s Elves are hard at work making all that cool stuff right now, and they’ve PROMISED us that they’ll be delivering it to us in time for Christmas… but we both know that it’s a busy time of year for those elves and things don’t always work out that way. So our AIM is to have it delivered to you in time for Christmas, and we’ll do EVERYTHING in our power to make that happen… and if it doesn’t, well then we’re very sorry but there was nothing more we could do, and we’ll get it to you ASAP, either in the week after Christmas or early in January.

I see all those cool Drive Go Karting jackets and shirts and boots and caps and gloves… how do I get some?

Well, can you keep a secret? Ok, great. After you purchase a Championship as part of our Pre-Launch Sale, as a thankyou we’ll give you a once-off opportunity to buy a merch pack as well! PACKED with value, this merch is 40% off and the pack includes 2 tee shirts, a jacket, racing gloves, racing boots, and a cap. But it’s a one-time offer, say ‘no’, and you won’t be offered this merch pack again, unless you come back and buy more championships!

What if my Merch is the wrong size?

It’s a good thing we’re local, right? The entire team working on Drive Go Karting live, work, and play in Melbourne (with a few people in regional Victoria) so we’ll meet up with you somewhere and swap your clothes for a size that fits! Easy.

Want to know more?

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